Oval Earrings


The most stylish representation of uniqueness and originality in an oval shape is designed in the form of earrings. The oval earring, which also symbolizes prosperity, rebirth, and family, takes on a golden hue to add radiance to your style.

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To extend the life of your jewelry, it's important to keep them away from chemical products like perfume, lotion, deodorant, and avoid exposing them to chlorinated water. Additionally, wiping them with a clean cloth after each use can help protect them from sweat and other contaminants.


The most elegant form of the oval shape, reflecting uniqueness and originality, comes to add radiance to your style with this special Oval Earring. This unique design, taking the shape of an egg, symbolizes prosperity, rebirth, and family while complementing your elegance with its golden hue.

This elegant earring is made of brass and coated with 22-carat gold plating. It is adorned with green zircon stones, adding both sophistication and sparkle to the design.

To prevent the product from tarnishing and ensure its longevity, it is important not to spray perfume on it. The Oval Earrings stand out with their unique design and the sparkle of green zircon stones. This special jewelry is the perfect choice for those seeking originality and elegance. Now, complete your style with the Oval Earrings and feel special.


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