Minimal Necklace Sets

      • 5.250,00 

        Fantasia Set was designed with inspiration from the mandala philosophy, which mostly encourages people to turn inward in Asian cultures and aims to help the individual gain awareness of her/his place and purpose in the world.

      • 4.500,00 

        According to belief, the Tree of Life, also known as the Tree of Saints, rises from the middle of the world; Its roots go underground, and its branches rise to the top of the world mountain. Thus, this sacred tree connects all three layers of the world (sky, earth and underground). With all these features, the Tree of Life Necklace Set is a candidate to be the object of desire.

      • 4.500,00 

        Blue Good Luck Set, which is believed to protect people from evil eyes and negative energies in most cultures and religious belief systems throughout history, and the perfect harmony of the heart, which represents the brand's motto "Love", are designed to complement your elegant style as a set.