Bug on The Sun Earrings


The Bug On The Sun Earrings, designed by the fusion of two aesthetic forms, is poised to become the wildcard piece of your style. Thanks to the shimmer of gold, the earrings are more than deserving of being a coveted jewelry.

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To extend the life of your jewelry, it's important to keep them away from chemical products like perfume, lotion, deodorant, and avoid exposing them to chlorinated water. Additionally, wiping them with a clean cloth after each use can help protect them from sweat and other contaminants.


This special 'Bug on The Sun Earrings,' which combine two different aesthetic forms, is set to become an indispensable part of your style. Thanks to the shimmer of gold, this earrings more than deserve to be a coveted jewelry.

This stylish Bug on The Sun Earrings are designed with brass and plated with 22-carat gold, adorned with zircon stones. It provides an elegant appearance and adds a touch of sparkle to your elegance.

To ensure that the product remains untarnished and lasts a long time, it's important not to spray perfume directly onto it. The 'Bug on The Sun Earrings' are unique jewelry that will complement both you and your style. Now, crown your style with this earrings and captivate everyone.


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